Are You Getting The “I Don’t Want To Have Sex With You!”  Syndrome From Your Lover? Here are The Symptoms, Below:

She gives you excuses to avoid sex. Things like... "I'm tired", "I'm not feeling up to it", "I have work tomorrow"... etc
She has never taken the initiative to have sex with you... You find that you have to even ask her to have sex with you.
She prefers to go out shopping with her friends instead of staying home with you.
She's not enthusiastic to talk to you about sex.
She doesn't cuddle close to you in bed like she normally would.

From The Desk Of Orrick Lee

Dear friend,

I don’t know if you have experience any of the above before?

If you have, then it’s a clear sign that you are having a problem with your sex life.

Think about this for a second, why would anybody want to reject sex if it was so good?

Recent case studies have shown that the number one cause for infidelity is in fact sexual frustration.

Financial woes come in second. But that’s another story.

So when your woman starts to give all sorts of excuses not to have sex with you or she doesn’t seem to be as physically affectionate to you, as she was before... It's a sign that she is sexually frustrated.

Now for the real question. what exactly is she not getting out of the sex that she wants from you?

At this very instant...

You’re About To See Through The Minds Of Women and Learn The "Dirty Truth" Behind Their SEXUAL FRUSTRATIONS They Never Tell You About!

In a recent survey conducted on women in America... It's been revealed that more than 80% of the women have fake an orgasm at least once!

So Why Do Women Fake Orgasms?

Below are some of the common reasons women have admitted to why they fake orgasms...

"I can't bear to tell him that he’s lousy at sex."
"It’s always the same thing and it gets boring really quickly. I just wanna get it done and over with."
"Sometimes it gets so painful that I just want to end it fast."
"I want to make him feel good about himself."
shadow box

This may be hard for you to believe… I can totally understand it. But wait till you hear what actually happened to me.

Discovering The Problem In Your Sex Life Early, Is Important... Here’s Why!

Back then, I was straining to keep my relationship with my girlfriend together.

Initially, we were very loving towards each other.

We had sex almost every day. And it was really good.

She seemed to know all the right moves to make me climax or perhaps... I have that ultra sensitive "weapon" that fires off mercilessly upon minimal contact.

At that time, I didn't think it really mattered. (Big Mistake…)

After all, I got all the sex I wanted.

During a weekend, her parents were out of town. And we decided to have the whole house to ourselves.

As usual, we made passionate love to each other. It was sheer ecstasy - Or so I thought.

"Orrick Orrick, don't stop... Don't stop"! She gasped in between breaths. She must be really enjoying it, I thought to myself.

So I started pounding her even faster! She grabbed me hard and she screamed frantically for my name... and within a few minutes...

I came inside of her. We cuddled for awhile, and then she excused herself to the bathroom.

I wanted to ring up one of my buddies for an evening appointment when I realised, she was also using the phone in the bathroom. (Her phones were interlinked when I last visited. But I'm not sure about that now...)

It was a guy on the other line.

They talked about meeting up at his place and among some other scandalous shit.
But what really made my jaw dropped was... she actually told the "Son of a gun" that I sucked in bed!

I mean… How could it be?

I Was Made A Cuckold Because Of My Poor Sex Skills!

She even had the "balls" to say that she tried to imagine him making love to her, because she couldn’t reach an orgasm while I was shagging her.

Damn, I felt like I was the biggest fool... Here I was doing all the work in bed. But some dude out of nowhere just took the credit!

But after much self-reflection... I realised I was the one at fault.

I have neglected her sexual needs... Just because she reacted ecstatically, I assumed that she was having the orgasm of her life...

Never did I realise that she was just ... FAKING IT!

And you know what? You are much luckier than I am...

And you’ve discovered this early...

When I found out that I’ve been neglecting my girlfriend’s sexual needs... It was already too late.

I have already burned the future that I could see myself with this woman...

So Don’t Let This Same Thing Happen To You too…

Time to get out of your comfort zone and find out what she really wants in bed... And you want to do it now!

It is still not too late for you to take action now and change whatever you’ve been doing, incorrectly!

Here are 2 things which I would really like you to put some thought too...

How long do you think your woman can go on having sex without experiencing a real female orgasm?
Heck... how long can you tolerate not achieving an ejaculating orgasm every time you have sex with the same woman?

I guess we guys know the answer better than anybody else.

And I'm not even going to talk to you about women who live with husbands their whole life, who have totally no idea about giving their wife orgasms.

It's simply tragic.

You probably don't know this... But, women are not very much different from men like what most sex coaches would like you to believe..

They do crave for the same sexual fulfilment as much as we do.

So what happens if they don’t get the same sexual fulfilment as you do in bed?

They Might End Up Cheating On You!

Just take a look at the rate people are divorcing now compared to previous years. And you'll know what I'm talking about.

Look, I'm not saying that your woman is going to cheat on you...

But accidents do happen!

One day she might feel particularly distressed and sexually frustrated..

Then, she might accidentally run into a guy whom she finds that she can confide in easily... Be it at her work place, a cafe or a pub...

And this guy accidentally happens to be that one guy who seems to understand everything about her best, at that point in time...

Next, the more they talk... they suddenly find themselves kissing, accidentally.

And before she knows it, she accidentally finds herself on another guy’s bed without having the intention to cheat in the first place!

My point is, you can prevent such accidents from happening!

You see... I caught myself in the exact same dilemma... Because I turned a blind eye, didn’t do anything to satisfy my women in bed... and I ended up being cheated on countless occasions...

From then on, I told myself, never to let such a thing happen to me ever again.

I was on a mission with a vengeance.

Soon, reading books and watching videos about female sexuality and seduction gradually became a daily routine.

I attended sex seminars, talked to "underground sex gurus"... I did everything I could, to make myself more appealing to women.

It became an obsession. I didn't just want to be good in bed, I wanted to be that stud that every woman wants to bed. (And I know you want to be a stud too...)

Then one day, while I was helping my parents move out to their new home;

I Discovered Something That Will Soon Change My Life. (And It Can Change Yours Too)

I found an old-looking book when I was helping my parents move out to a new place...

The book was held together only by a few thick threads. It was similar to those old Chinese manuals, from a very long time. Duh... It was written in Chinese characters too.

The book explained about sexual harmony between men and women. But it placed a larger emphasis on female sexuality and orgasm.

This sex manual challenged everything I have read before about giving woman orgasms. It’s nothing I’ve ever seen before!

Unearthing The Ground-Breaking Revelation Sex Manual That Goes Beyond Any Modern Scientific SEX Theories

The theories and techniques basically deviate from most of the commercialised sex techniques that is known today, such as the “Kama-sutra”.

Just to quote you an example, many books out there advices you to prolong your erection, so that your partner can have enough time to reach an orgasm before you.

But this Sex Manual advices otherwise, it focuses on mutual orgasm between both partners and it teaches you techniques to make a woman climax quickly, before you ejaculate!

You will not want to dismiss this as B.S… just because you only believe in Western Science.

You don't need me to tell you this, but the Chinese have identified stuff like "Meridian points".

And you know what? Acupuncture has only been proven to be 'real' recently. (Though the Chinese have been doing it for thousands of years)

Hey, they invented gunpowder and got ripped off by Marco Polo who 'invented' Spaghetti, but that it is a totally different story.

The point is, the Chinese are far more 'advanced' than you think. And as far as I'm concerned, Western science sometimes makes a mockery of itself in validating what the Chinese have already known for YEARS.

Then one day while I was making love to my current girlfriend, I applied the sex techniques from the Sex Manual.

Orgasm Face Turn Red
shadow box

Her chest and her face soon turned red. Her facial expression... scrunched up.

Then all of a sudden, her abdomen started pulsating rapidly.

She was literally shaking like a leaf!

It was everything that the sex manual has exactly described!

You probably be thinking... “Yeah, but she faked an orgasm before, what makes you so sure that this time round be any different”?

I knew you would say that…


Women Have Uncontrollable "Sure Fire Signals" That Are Dead Giveaways, Which They Subconsciously Reveal, When They Are Experiencing Orgasms!

It’s the same thing as not being able to keep your eyes open every time you sneeze.

This is also true for when a woman experience an orgasm. Her body will exhibit a certain natural reflex that is beyond her control!

And all of it is revealed in the Sex Manual that is not known before!

If you have experienced the true joy of reciprocating the pleasure your woman gives you, by giving her an unforgettable orgasm...

You’ll go... YES! Now I've Finally Uncovered the "Holy Grail" of Giving Female Orgasm.

I Couldn't Believe It Was This Simple!

I wanted to make sure it wasn't just a fluke. So I tried those same techniques again when we had sex.

And true enough, the results was equally mind-blowing as the first!

My point is...

These techniques are so simple that you don’t even need to have half a brain to be able to know how give earth-shattering orgasms to any women!

You’ll probably find yourself slapping your head and ask yourself out loud, “Why didn’t I think of this earlier”?

It’s ridiculously easy! And you can also achieve the same remarkable result, when you apply the same techniques

Now, for the real question...

Can you imagine how your sex life with your woman could have been differently better, if you knew exactly what she is thinking...

How excitedly turned on she would be when you know exactly where to touch her in her Orgasm triggered areas!

Now you can rapidly accelerate your love-making session with her, into a panty-melting, legs-wide, begging for it desire... ON COMMAND!

Learn How To Take Her Out On A Simple Date And Turn It To A Dripping Hot, “Ready For You Right Now” Arousal….In Mere Minutes!


The Instant Pleasure SecretInstant Pleasure Secret

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I've literally removed all the fluff and have compiled all the best sex techniques into an easy to read formula...

Forget about those unnecessary long-winded theories that many sex books use just to fill up the pages.

The Instant Pleasure Secret is a no-nonsense straight to the point, step-by-step guide that shows you SHORT CUT Methods to...

Swiftly Induce Her Sexual Readiness Into A 'Nuclear Powered Orgasm' Before You Even Ejaculate!

Orgasm Ejaculate
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If you don’t have the luxury of time to experiment your way to become a Stud... And You’re looking for a quick way to Your Woman’s Orgasm...

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She’ll probably tell her friends about your stud-like performances.

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Different sizzling “hot spots” found between her legs! (if you miss any of these areas you could risk losing the orgasm)

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How to tell if she’s having a real orgasm!

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Mutual Gratification
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And I can't over emphasize it enough that the most valuable skill that makes a good relationship complete, is having the ability to satisfy your partner's sexual needs.

No one can ever take this skill away from you...

It is the key that unlocks the treasure chest of having MORE and QUALITY sex! - An investment of a lifetime!

After all, what is having quality sex to you?

Isn’t it when your loved one wants to have sex as much as you do, then both of you go on to experience an orgasm together?

Isn’t that the ULTIMATE aim of a fulfilling life?

When you want to make love to your lover, she enthusiastically spread her legs for you to take her. You do it not because you have asked her to, but otherwise!

Also, doesn’t quality sex mean that you have no sexual tension weighing down on your soul like a 1000 pound anvil sitting on your neck?


When your lover finally agrees to have sex with you, you usually feel the pressure of worrying too much about not pleasuring her enough. Your fear of disappointing her once again in bed, keeps coming back to haunt you.

That worry and anxiety that comes from not knowing if you’re giving her an orgasm or not let alone enough stimulation that may prolong her arousal...can trap your heart in a prison of relentless stress. And, as we all know...stress kills!

See, while you may think that giving a woman an orgasm is “complicated”, and “difficult”...it’s actually just the opposite!

Just ask anybody who have suffered a heartbreak from a failed relationship. Then getting dumped by the same women who told them that the “sex is alright”.

What a crock of BS!

As everyone is finally finding out...

It’s About Returning The Favor And Give Your Lover Orgasms Anytime, Anywhere.

Returning Favour
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What I’m offering you is the opportunity to improve your sex life!

Without any fear or worry that your woman's going to bed without being sexually fulfilled

See, I go to bed peacefully secure with the fact that my girlfriend has experience an orgasm while having sex with me. And now, she is lying on my chest, asleep - sextified.

How would you like to go to bed feeling this way?

How would you like to KNOW that you're the ONE who's giving your woman mind blowing orgasms every night instead of somebody else? And the only person she wants to see in bed is, you!

Take It From The Instant Pleasure Secret Students Themselves

Product Feedback - Reese K.

“Hey Orrick, its Reese… thanks a lot for the secrets you’ve shared in Speed Orgasm. It’s unlike any other sex guide I’ve seen before. Now, my relationship with my girlfriend has improved greatly and it has gotten back to the way it was before – Fun and Exciting!

- Reese K
Jacksonville, FL, USA.

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Product Feedback - Damien C.

"Hey, I wanted to tell you that the thing That Has Helped transformed my sex life totally, is The Two- Finger method And The Killer Speed Orgasm Positions!
Now my wife begs me to use them every time we make love… and I just want to say thank you."

- Damien C
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

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4.5 StarstarStarStarStar out of 5 Stars

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Product Feedback - Hoong Jung

"I’m really happy that I’ve got your book. Now, size is no longer a matter of questioning. It’s all about having what it takes to work the magic ;)

Thank you for showing me all the possibilities of female orgasm, my friend. My girlfriend even ask me to show her your book!"

- Hoong Jung
Seoul, S.Korea

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Product Feedback - Dion L

"I just wanted to thank you soooooo much for everything you've been sending me! It has helped me and my fiancé improve on our sex life greatly!

I'm so thankfull you wrote about how to find the g-spot! everything is working wonderfully… thank you sooo much,"

- Dion L

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Product Feedback - Jayden C

"Hi Orrick, This is by far the most valued for money programme I’ve ever invested…

Last night, before I went to meet my girlfriend, I memorised one of the techniques called the 2 finger method.

I was completely blown away when she suddenly squirt so forcefully from her vagina. This has never happened before.

But now, she’s able to have an orgasm so quickly that even before I have sex with her…

She would have already come off twice!!!

Definitely recommend it to anybody who is looking for that quick solution to a woman’s orgasm."

- Jayden C
KL, Malaysia

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Product Feedback - Jay Watson

"You won’t believe this… Orrick. But last night, after applying the techniques in the Speed Orgasm Manual. I actually made my girlfriend came 4 times in less than half an hour!

This is so F***king amazing! I wish I could have found your book earlier… Then I wouldn’t have missed on all the fun, before.

Again, thank you very much for your research and your wisdom."

- Jay Watson

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out of 5 Stars

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Product Feedback - Jeff Chang

"Dear Orrick, I have been following the sex steps you showed in your book religiously…

Last night, something unbelievable happened. My girlfriend actually went down on me while I was asleep… Of course, not to mention that we also had one of the best sex ever.

This was the first time she has ever taken the initiative to lead me into sex!"

- Jeff Chang
Perth, Australia

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Product Feedback - Rich J Carter

I was really sceptical when I first come across your website... But have decided to give it a shot anyway… Turns out, this is one of the best sex educational products I’ve gotten.

I have always been very good with women… In fact, I actually do own a web, giving dating advice.

This is really a good addition on top of what I already known. Your techniques have proven me how easy it actually is, to give women orgasms! Thank you very much…

- Rich J Carter
New York, United States

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Again, I AM NOT bragging. I’m simply telling you what it feels like to have your lover fall head over heels for you! It IS the best feeling in the world!

It makes you feel really appreciated that all the "hard work" of becoming a better man, has paid off!

It IS the way how a quality sex life should be! I believe that our creator gave us this incredible of sensation of an orgasm. That is up to us to embrace it and make the most out of it with our love one... or ruining it, with someone doing your job.

Yes, I'm talking about free will.

The truth is, it’s 100% in YOUR control whether you live a sexually fulfilling life, or are always down in the muddy, cesspool of sexual frustration.

It is YOUR choice. So, which one’s it gonna’ be?

If you are ready to change and improve your sex life...I’m giving you the incredibly simple, easy and quick way to switch over to the side of life where worries are few and fun is a-plenty!

Make no mistake. Your decision whether to participate or not does not affect me or my lifestyle, for that matter. (I still get all the sex I want)

If you do nothing...nothing happens.

I won’t live any differently than I do now. I'll still be going on vacations with my lover, spending quality time with her.

My life won’t change one lick if you decide against coming on board with me.

But…YOUR LIFE could change dramatically if you take advantage of this rare opportunity to start on my shoulders - and get everything you need to make YOU an Incredible Lover in bed.

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

Your partner has paid her “dues” during sex, and now it’s YOUR TIME to return HER the favor!

I'll be waiting for you on the other side to welcome you as a new member of a reformed sextified STUD!

You'll be basking in the warmth of the bliss that the light of mutual sexual gratification shines down upon you and your lover!

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The Hot Top Questions For Instant Pleasure Secret


Are The Techniques Difficult to Master?



Not at all, all of these techniques are fully illustrated with images and step by step guidelines. You don’t really need to be master at this to be really good in the bedroom, you just need to follow these steps accordingly.



Can Instant Pleasure Secret really help me give orgasms to my partner?



Yes, the anatomy of the woman’s nether region can vary from one woman to another woman. Instant Pleasure Secret is very Versatile in the sense that it shows you several different techniques you can use to pleasure a woman, even if you are in the same position.



How Well Does Instant Pleasure Secret techniques work with other sex techniques such as the KamaSutra?



Instant Pleasure Secret offers its own unique theories and techniques to bring about the female orgasm. And most of these techniques somewhat challenges the conventional way of love making, such as the kamasutra. I recommend that you apply Instant Pleasure Secret on its own so that it doesn’t “get in the way” of the results you desire.



Orrick, why are you making these sex secrets so available to the public if they are that good?



First of all I am only making a limited amount of copies available, once they are gone then I'm afraid this site will be closed. Although I really do want to help guys improve on their sex lives and relationship, I’m also aware that if this falls into the wrong hands, people can also abuse this ‘privilege’ and manipulate women. So I’m trying to keep a low profile here... And I’m limiting the distribution to only 100 copies.



If Instant Pleasure Secret is sold out before I managed to order a copy, is there anything you can do?


Unfortunately, No, I'm afraid once I decide to close this web site that's it there is nothing I can do, if you see the message "SOLD OUT" instead of the order button then you are too late.

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Guarantee LogoYou Are Backed By My 100% Orgasmic Guarantee! You Either Get The Results You Want, Or Pull Out - Either Way, No Money Spent!  

We give such a guarantee because we are so confident that our products will work for you that we are willing to let you:

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Why can we give you such an outrageous guarantee?

Because we GUARANTEE that by taking action and using these products properly, you will GET RESULTS - if you can't get women to orgasm within the next few weeks, then we will take your word for it and give you back your money. :)

We will bear ALL the risk for you and you have absolutely NOTHING to lose!

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Instant Pleasure Secret

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You have the power to give mind-blowing orgasms to women too!

Orrick Lee
Creator of Instant Pleasure Secret

P.S.#1: You will experience a transformation so profound, 60 days from now, you won't recognize yourself (or the things you’d do in bed). The moment is now. The only thing between you and the key to your woman’s orgasm… is a simple click here.

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If you’re seriously that “cash tight” and you're reading this and you choose not to get my book, then you truly deserve to be where you are.

P.S. #3: Here are a few more unsolicited testimonials about how The Speed Orgasm Manual has changed the life of our customers...(All testimonials are verifiable and on file.)

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